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Sud'n’Sol’s pioneering philosophy

Quality starts with the basics

It all begins with our product selection. Harvesting in the right place and at the right time gives us raw materials that are bursting with flavour and natural vitamins. To preserve our vegetables’ nutritional value and texture, we process them as soon after harvesting as possible.

Our tomatoes grow in the Mediterranean south, where flavour rules. Here, they maintain their full-bodied flavour throughout the seasons. We aim to fill your plate with pure produce that has ripened to perfection under the Mediterranean sun.

Culinary Craftsmanship, innovative techniques.

As is fitting considering our slogan, “Sud'n'Sol, Authentic Slow Food”, time is a crucial element in our process. We combine traditional methods with the latest roasting and drying techniques. For example, we grill our vegetables to tasty perfection and prepare our partially-dried products at low temperatures. We make sure not to force the drying process in any way. That allows us to get the best out of our fruits and vegetables. After drying, the products are marinated in authentic herbs and rapeseed oil.

In this way we prepare our products following slow food principles,

without additives or preservatives. Nature at its best.

Time to enjoy.

Our vegetable and fruit preparations, tapenades, vegetable tartares, pestos and other delicious authentic food creations are bursting with flavour and easily incorporated into an endless variety of dishes. Our pure, natural products inspire you to create healthy meals.

A healthy lifestyle starts with proper products. Take time for yourself and start savouring!



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